About the ASU Accessibility Awareness Day conference

For the past 5 years, ASU's Universal Design & Access Technology (UDAT) Working Group has celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). But GAAD takes place in spring after our classes have ended and many of you have begun your summer adventures.

To bring digital accessibility to the entire ASU community, the UDAT team inaugurated the first ASU Accessibiliy Awareness Day on October 19, 2023, with a one-day, hybrid conference focused on digital accessibility in higher education.

Learn to create accessible learning environments and websites and apps--and remove barriers for all individuals who have the desire to learn. Connect with your peers across the university. All ASU faculty, staff and students are welcome and will benefit from attending ASU's Accessibiliy Awareness Day conference!

About ASU's UDAT Working Group

The UDAT Working Group is a coalition of professionals from across Arizona State University who recognize the importance of accessible course design and universal design for education. 

Join us as we learn and work together to make ASU's digital space accessible to everyone!

Organizing committee

The ASU Accessibiliy Awareness Day conference is made possible by volunteers from the UDAT Working Group. The conference is the result of their dedicated work.


The ASU Accessibility Awareness Day conference depends on the invaluable support of our generous sponsors! Because of them, we are able to offer this free event. Thank you to all of them!