2023 Call for Proposals

Share your knowledge and experiences in creating and using accessible digital content at ASU!

We're looking for speakers to present on creating accessible courses and content in the morning sessions and creating accessible web sites and apps.

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Presentation details

Two session lengths

You can choose to give either a 55-minute or a 25-minute session. 

  • 55-minute sessions:  Presentations should be 30-40 minutes long.
  • 25-minute sessions:  Presentations should be 15-20 minutes long.

For all sessions

  • You may give your presentation online via Zoom or in-person on the Tempe campus in the MU's Gold room.
  • Attendees will attend your session both in-person and online via Zoom.
  • A pre-conference meeting to check technical details will be scheduled for the end of September.
  • You will have Zoom and in-person moderators to introduce you, take audience questions, and assist you generally.
  • A live captioner will be provided. 
  • Your session will be recorded unless you specify otherwise.

Submit a proposal

Please use this form to submit a proposal.

Submit a Proposal


Tips to make your presentation accessible

Create accessible slideshows

Please consider these accessibility best practices when creating your slide deck.

  • Run the PowerPoint Accessibility Checker on your slides.
  • Use a sans serif font (e.g., Arial).
  • Use a large font size--at least 22 point.
  • Make sure slides have good color contrast (see this Color Contrast Checker).
  • Don’t use color alone to convey meaning.
  • Text on a slide should have nothing behind it (no watermarks or images).
  • Keep slide text clear and concise with short sentences and bulleted phrases (about 4 lines of text and 40 words per slide).
  • Don’t add text boxes, use the slide layouts provided in PowerPoint.
  • Provide alternative text descriptions for (or mark as decorative) all images, graphics, maps, charts, tables, etc.

Also see Accessible PowerPoints and Make your Google presentation more accessible.

Inclusive speaking tips

Please consider these accessibility best practices when delivering your presentation.

  • Provide digital copies of meeting materials in advance so that they can be forwarded to individuals who may not be able to view screens or charts.
  • Provide printed copies of materials in a large font.
  • Verbally describe visual materials (e.g., slides, charts, images and graphics) and read all slide text aloud.
  • Limit movement while presenting to make it easier for someone reading lips.
  • Consider the varying abilities of your audience when selecting activities for your presentation. For example, activities such as shuffle the cards, read the card, and pull the paper from under your chair may not be possible for some attendees.
  • Repeat questions posted by the audience.