Streamlining WCAG Testing: Tools and Tips for Non-Coders


1:15 pm - 2:00 pm PST

In the world of digital accessibility, WCAG testing is a crucial step towards ensuring equal access for all. However, this process can be overwhelming for individuals who are not proficient in coding. That's why this presentation, titled "Streamlining WCAG Testing: Tools and Tips for Non-Coders," aims to provide valuable insights into various user-friendly tools that simplify the WCAG testing process.

During the presentation, we will explore a range of essential tools such as ANDI, DevTools, and WAVE, which allow non-coders to decode the complexities of WCAG testing. We will delve into specific areas of accessibility, including color contrast and colorblindness, and demonstrate how these tools can be utilized effectively. Moreover, we will provide practical tips and techniques for using a keyboard to test accessibility, catering specifically to the needs of higher ed professionals who evaluate websites for classes and educational materials.

By the end of this presentation, attendees can expect to gain a solid understanding of the reliable tools available for WCAG testing, empowering them to streamline their testing processes and ensure compliance with accessibility standards, without the need for extensive coding skills.





Jeff Rodgers
Jeff Rodgers
Lead Accessibility Strategist, Accessiblü

Jeff oversees all accessibility operations for Accessiblü and the New Possibilities Group. An instructional designer and accessibility specialist with twenty years in higher education, he is a certified Quality Matters reviewer for higher education and K-12 courses. Jeff is a highly skilled consultant specializing in supporting companies and legal teams. He has extensive experience dealing with physical accommodations and is also an authority on evaluating educational resources and designing accessibility training programs.

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