Student Panel


9:15 am - 10:00 am PST

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion, featuring the voices of students who have faced the challenges of inaccessible design, but also the benefits of thoughtfully designed courses, materials, and websites. This panel will share their experiences, make recommendations, and answer your questions in a safe environment. Participating in this discussion is a great way to understand how even the smallest choices can have a profound impact on the people you serve.


Karen Grondin
Karen Grondin
Licensing Librarian at ASU Library

Karen Grondin (she, her) is the Licensing Librarian at ASU Library. She has over 30 years’ experience working in academic libraries in a variety of roles. Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Kent State University and a Master of Arts in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona. She is currently working on a graduate certificate in Disability Studies from ASU. She advocates for accessibility and serves as an ASU Digital Accessibility Liaison.

David Jaulus
David Jaulus
Graduate Teaching Associate School of Social Transformation

I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Justice Studies and my work focuses on making ASU more accessible for students and staff with disabilities.

Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia
Management Intern with the ASU Tempe Memorial Union and Master's student in Justice Studies

Isaac is a graduate student at ASU, working on a Master's in Justice Studies. He received his bachelors in Sociology from San Francisco State University and completed a graduate certificate in Disability Studies at Arizona State University. His research interests include accessibility and inclusion in higher education.

Seren Nutt
Seren Nutt
B.A. student, Community Advocacy and Social Policy

Seren (pronouns: they/them/theirs) is a non-traditional student studying Community Advocacy and Social Policy. In addition to pursuing their degree, Seren also works full-time for ASU Library as a Public Services Specialist. In their free time, Seren is an avid reader and enjoys playing video games and spending time with their wife and dog.

Athena Garcia
Special Education (Visual Impairment)

Athena Garcia is a third year ASU Teacher's College student majoring in Special Education with a concentration in Visual Impairment. She is the president of Braille Devils at ASU and is passionate about raising awareness on visual impairments and advocating for individuals in the blind and low vision community which inspired her to pursue her degree at ASU towards become a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments.

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