Webspark 2: the Unity Design System and ET Web Platforms' Commitment to Accessibility


3:30 pm - 4:00 pm PST

This session will make a case for adopting the Webspark 2 CMS as the standard platform for ASU web sites on the grounds that it prioritizes accessibility at all levels, from the underlying CMS to the Unity Design System, offering an accessible experience for site visitors and administrators alike.


David Ornelas
David Ornelas
Frontend Web Platforms Engineer
Michael Samuelson
Michael Samuelson
Principal Web Platforms Engineer

Dave Ornelas and Michael Samuelson hail from the ASU Enterprise Technology Engineering Core's Web Platforms chapter where they contribute to the Unity Design System and Webspark 2 CMS products which exist with the explicit goal of ensuring ASU's Enterprise Technologies are accessible out of the box for all.

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