Accessible & Usable Interactions for Web Applications

IAAP OPD Webinar: Accessible & Usable Interactions for Web applications - Wednesday, September 14 - Presented by Rabab Gomaa and Julius Nganji

As more services go online, web applications become more complex and challenging to interact with. This usually happens when designers and developers do not adhere to accessibility and usability practices. In this session, we will demonstrate how to design and develop interactions that enable all users to complete tasks in the best way possible. We will begin with user needs analysis, followed by keyboard focus management, widgets & web components coding, choice of words in interaction, and communication of user status. We will end with ways of assessing web applications against the needs of the users.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Recognize the importance of accessible & usable interactions in the user's online journey
  • Apply practical techniques to ensure that the interaction is accessible & usable to all users including keyboard & screen reader users
  • Use content writing tips to create clear call to actions that help users complete their tasks easily

Recommended for: Developers, Instructors, Staff, Students,