Alt Text: Everything you need to know beyond just "99 Red Balloons"

IAAP SME Webinar, presented by: AmyJune Hineline, Senior Community Manager for at Red Hat. Sign language interpretation and Realtime captioning are provided. Free Registration!

Images, graphics, and charts are often incredibly important elements in your documents, and that makes it all the more important to make them accessible. We love to include images on our websites and digital assets. Images support and add context to our information and concepts. Media, especially social media, include images for conversions; having images on posts leads to a higher clickthrough rate and ROI (return on investment). Learn the art of writing effective alt-text. Never struggle with accessible images and graphs again! Let's apply best practices on imagery from the 80s music scene. From 99 Red Balloons shaking us all night long, to Burning Down the House we don't want to leave any of our users behind.

Speaker Bio

AmyJune is an active contributor in the open-source world. As Senior Community Manager at, with a dual focus on both open-source community development and inclusivity, she is uniquely positioned to help individuals become more comfortable and confident as they contribute to their communities. Her ongoing experience as a hospice nurse keeps her in touch with the challenges faced by many end-users. In her continued efforts to make a difference, she helps organize A11yTalks, an online meetup where they invite folks on every month to talk about all things accessibility - one of the core components of building an inclusive web.


During this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Understand the various types of images and their purpose
  • Incorporate newfound knowledge around assistive devices into their alt text
  • Apply alt text best practices to convey visual information in a meaningful way

This is a free webinar from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Recommended for: Content creators, Designers, Developers, Instructors, Staff, Students,