ASU's 2022 GAAD Is All Week!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - May 16-20, 2022

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a day to raise awareness and understanding of digital access and inclusion for the more than 1 billion people worldwide and the 19.4% of U.S. undergraduates with disabilities.

At ASU we are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day throughout the week of May 16-20 with a series of short online challenges to increase your accessibility awareness.  Conquer one activity a day throughout the week, or challenge yourself to become an Accessibility Champion all at once. Earn a digital credential in accessibility awareness!

Challenge Activities

Discover how to:

  • Use only your keyboard
  • Try out a screen reader
  • Use video captions
  • Control your phone with your voice
  • Create accessible color contrast ratios
  • Learn with dyslexia

Register now for this self-paced virtual experience, and we'll send you a reminder when the challenges begin!

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