ASU A11y Guild

ASU A11y GuildThe ASU A11y Guild is a community of student, staff, and faculty developers, designers, and other technical folks dedicated to making the ASU digital world more accessible to people of all abilities. Whatever your knowledge level, you're welcome here.


Next meeting October 10 from 1 - 2 pm

Join us for the next monthly meeting of the ASU A11y Guild!

All ASU students, staff, and faculty are welcome. Please see ASU's #accessibility Slack channel for details, meeting agenda, chat, and help.

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Previous Meetings


2022 M-Enabling Summit - Promoting Accessible Technologies and Environments - October 10-12 | Washington, DC

M-Enabling Summit

October 10
12:00 am
Off campus
Join disabil.ity advocates, corporations, government agencies, academia, and accessibility executives at the 11th M-Enabling Summit
Accessing Higher Ground: Accessible Media, Web, and Technology Virtual Conference - presented by AHEAD in collaboration with ATHEN

Accessing Higher Ground

November 6
9:00 am
Off campus

Accessing Higher Ground is the premier accessible media, web and technology conference for higher ed.