Organizing the Digital Environment to Support Neurocognitive Differences


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm PST

This presentation draws from student experiences to identify barriers that exist in digital environments for individuals with neurocognitive differences. The presenters explore strategies to minimize cognitive load and maintain consistency that have immediate benefits for neurodivergent learners.


Adero Allison
Adero Allison, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of for Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services at ASU

I see the interrelatedness of people, systems and the technologies used to complete our work, then use my intuitive understanding of these connections to assist individuals, from students to executives, to expand their potential.

London Skiles
London Skiles, MA, MEd.
Instructional Designer with ASU's EdPlus

London Skiles is an instructional designer, accessibility consultant, and neurodivergent. They focus on creating identity-affirming physical and digital spaces in higher education. As a speaker and presenter, they share strategies and resources to celebrate neurodivergent identity and destigmatize neurocognitive differences.

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