Resources for Accessibility

Semi-automated accessibility audit tools are helpful and often used to prove or disprove compliance. However, for development purposes, keep in mind that they catch only 20-30% of issues:

Other useful tools include:

Assistive Technologies

We recommend developers at least learn a little about the most popular technologies and maybe try them out once. At a minimum, use mobile speech recognition technologies like Siri and Google Assistant.

The BBC's immensely helpful and comprehensive Testing with assistive technology is a very good overview.

Screen readers

Desktop: VoiceOver (Mac)

Desktop: JAWS (Windows)

Desktop: NVDA (Windows)

Mobile: Android TalkBack

Mobile: iOS VoiceOver

Speech Recognition

You can put money on it: Speech recognition is the next big thing. These days, it gets better by leaps and bounds. Be prepared is all we're saying. :)

Voice Control for Mac OS and iOS

Voice Access for Android

Dragon Naturally Speaking (Windows)

The leader for over 20 years, but with Apple and Android joining the out.

Good luck!